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#3spine and cover

Well…..of corse she will never be done…but she’s got four walls and a source of heat, so, as Kaji says: “its good enough for the girls I date.”

The rad part is that the arts collective is coming together again, too; Rafi came back from Equador to visit just in time to light the first fire in the stove, even tho it was 70 degrees outside…

i’ve been painting with oils (a lot) and i can feel the creative energy like a force welling up in the cells of everything around and inside me…COME OVER AND MAKE THINGS PLEASE



These are some images of the studio spot that the DAM(N) artists collective was holding meetings in last year. We had a wonderful Grand Visioning party last fall, and hope to bring the studio alive this coming spring (screen printing, painting, workshopping….)

come create!!!

this is a boat called Timshel, which we (myself + three others) are sailing from Miami to CA this winter, in hopes of turning it into a vessel for transformative education…




i made this journal out of an old trunk i found at the scrap exchange, and some copper plate that my friend bryant gave me…using it for stories from the sea…



i made this journal out of an old trunk i found at the scrap exchange, and some copper plate that my friend bryant gave me…

using it for stories from the sea…










I made these cards about boat anatomy and knot tying. I’m selling / bartering them; here’s a LINK to more!!



I just added a bunch of images to the “journals” tab. I hadn’t updated it since 2008, but now there are some pages from the book I’m working on called Big Love. 


This summer, there was rain water building up under the new stage, so I pulled it up to fix the foundation / rebuild over some stronger, more solid creative intentions for the space. Today was the laying-of-the-slab part, and in the concrete I buried a magical music box from my childhood. It’s a little copper man playing The Entertainer on a little copper piano, holding a little copper cup of coffee. The reason it’s magical is this: Last night I was reading Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and I got to the part where he’s talking about how instead of seeing our limitations as stopping points, we should see them as starting points. As I was getting REALLY excited about this idea, I heard a little “ting” from my music box on a shelf across the room. And then another “ting.” And then it slowly played out half the song, like it had been holding its last bit of breath for like, 25 years.

SO.  Now the entertainer’s home is below the stage of the collective art space, facing the back wall, a toast to introspection. May all who enter here find unbridled creativity, magic, and liberation in the plunge from our limits into the sparkling beyond….. and on that note, here’s how to move thirty bags of concrete by yourself, Goonies style!





Thanks for reading I love you!


PS. I’m working on writing about the magical sailing / diving adventure, and will put it here sometime. Meanwhile, here’s a kaleidoscope made with stuff from the sea.



PSS. When you’re always building a big fort, don’t forget to build a little fort! Thanks to Aimee for reminding me.







Collaborators on….. kaleidoscope wheel: Michelle Preslik / house beautification: Kaji Reyes, Colin Booy, and Aimme Argote / patch (screen-print): Matthias Presley, Rafi Estrada, Colin, Angelina, Amir, and Egon Shiele  / ventilation station & stained glass work bench: Dave Rogers and Kaji Reyes (foreman) / no-longer reclining figure: Robin (the figure)………………….Mapping and archiving books were collaborative documentation of Kai Barrow’s Gallery of the Streets;  Freedom to Push Back sign: Kai Barrow