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front cover unplugged back cover

we all need help

Christian with Virgen De Las BArracadaas

Ecuador Flier

#3spine and cover

Well…..of corse she will never be done…but she’s got four walls and a source of heat, so, as Kaji says: “its good enough for the girls I date.”

The rad part is that the arts collective is coming together again, too; Rafi came back from Equador to visit just in time to light the first fire in the stove, even tho it was 70 degrees outside…

i’ve been painting with oils (a lot) and i can feel the creative energy like a force welling up in the cells of everything around and inside me…COME OVER AND MAKE THINGS PLEASE



These are some images of the studio spot that the DAM(N) artists collective was holding meetings in last year. We had a wonderful Grand Visioning party last fall, and hope to bring the studio alive this coming spring (screen printing, painting, workshopping….)

come create!!!

this is a boat called Timshel, which we (myself + three others) are sailing from Miami to CA this winter, in hopes of turning it into a vessel for transformative education…