Catherine Edgerton has been inking, layering and stitching multi-media records in hand-bound books since she was fourteen. Her motivation has been to challenge borders, externally as well as within her own psyche. Self / community taught, Edgerton uses a narrative intersectional approach to her work. Her main areas of focus are race, surrealism, addiction, and mental dis-ease in a dystopian society.

In 2013, Edgerton began working with stained-glass, creating multi-media kaleidoscopes and television lanterns. In addition to glass, she uses transparent found treasures such as bottles, film slides, and bug wings to create fragmented imagery of worlds and landscapes.  

Edgerton has made most of her work in and with community. Most recently she initiated the Durham Art Asylum, which builds creative pathways and reduces isolation among folks who struggle with mental health and addiction in Durham, NC.