I’m a southern, white, sane artist who is at times driven insane by a crazy society. I’ve been recording community resistance and personal transformation in hand-bound collage journals since I was fourteen. I'm citizen of a gentrifying city, committed to the documentation of topics ranging from police brutality to winter trees. My motivation has been to challenge borders within my own psyche, using vulnerability as a tool to increase opportunities for collective liberation and personal growth. Harvey-Sue is my magical dog. 

Since 2004 I’ve been involved with numerous community arts collaborations, working with diverse cohorts to convert critical ideas into social change. Using art as a catalyst, we’ve built relationships that break down barriers, exploring within and beyond physical as well as psychic borders. The project I'm currently involved with is called the Durham Artists Movement, which centers POC and Queer voices in linking art with social movement in Durham. 

Shortly after getting sober in 2013, I started working with stained-glass, creating and gifting multi-media kaleidoscopes to people who struggle with mental health and addiction. This project allowed me to explore the gesture of letting go--and letting light in--literally as well as figuratively. I am currently exploring glass work through the construction of a series of multi-media stained-glass TV sets, which illuminate themes of consumption in the US. 

I want to expand my connection with social movement and community as I continue working in books and glass. I am publishing this website in hopes of sharing some of my work, and of receiving support so that I can continue this work whole-heartedly. In moving forward, I am committed to inviting others to engage in the power of the art of vulnerability and introspection, while continuing to dismantle my own barriers between self and cosmic creative expansion.