Jul 17


OG Rabbit #3 (the subject)_16.5x10.8Rabbits

When: July 29-Aug. 31
Phone: 919-434-1662
Email: edgertonator@gmail.com
Price: Free

Reception: Sat, Jul 29, 10-12 a.m.

In April, the INDY reported on Catherine Edgerton’s Carrack exhibit of art journals and kaleidoscopes, which represented different but complementary—basically, personal and public—approaches to the issue of mental health. It’s one of the artist’s key areas of activism within the Durham Artists Movement, the multivalent, social-justice-oriented collective she cofounded. As such, Edgerton’s new exhibit, Rabbits, benefits Art Asylum, which employs creative practices to destigmatize and empower people with mental-health and addiction challenges. The collage-based, limited-edition prints on view and on sale at Urban Durham Realty use the image of the white rabbit to peel back and palpate the layers of white supremacy, a climate in which mental-health struggles for people of color and queer people naturally flourish. Rabbits runs through August, but there’s no better time to visit it than during the Durham Farmers Market on Saturday morning, when the exhibit is paired with a biscuit-and-coffee reception. —Brian Howe

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