Apr 13

Norm and Norma’s Experience #1 (The Cicada Table)

In subverting the rock venue / art gallery norm, Norma and I (Norm), have embarked on a project series of “experiences.” The experiences will include guerilla street art, punk shows in weird (public) places, and collaborative “happenings” that encourage folx to question the norm of how art /music is seen and heard.  We’re using it as a chance to be creative about ways we share our explorations of avenues and mediums that are unfamiliar to us (like linolium print making! –make sure you carve words BACKWARDS so that they print FORWARDS) . 

We’re not on social media, but you can send us snail mail (406 N Queen Street, Durham 27701), and we’ll put you on our snail-mailing list. Our first “experience,” The Cicada Table, happened last weekend, and was awesome. There were cicada sounds, info zines, Nag Chamba, and a shit-ton of art.

Here’s a couple lamps and books n stuff.



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